Bloodshot Supperclub

Welcome to our Bloodshot Supper Club…an event like no other for the London restaurant industry.

Formulated from an initial discussion between Robin Gill and Nuno Mendes (Chiltern Firehouse), following a lunch at The Dairy, the two chefs agreed that for a capital city with London’s reputation, there was something lacking when it came to choice for the hardworking restaurant and food industry employees.

Robin cooked up a plan to create a unique event aimed at the hard working industry folk, a chance to have fun after the weekend rush, to enjoy great food and wine. So, The Dairy will host the Bloodshot Supper Club. A multiple course dinner cooked by our team & a guest chef starting at 1am and carrying on till the early hours - held quarterly.

Only x45 places will be available at £75 per head all in. The chefs get to cook what they wish with no rules and complete creative freedom; effectively it's cooks, cooking for cooks! The pressure is on and the standards are high.

This project begun in 2015 and all slots were filled within a week of launching. After an impressive start, 2016 brought an even greater selection of guest chefs that made history and created innovative dishes late into the night.

Our Bloodshot Supper Club is simply about chefs cooking, eating and sharing ideas. Only 10 seats will be available for sale to the general public and will go on sale on the 1st of each month.

The next Bloodshot Supperclub will be held on June 24th, in association with ES London Food Month. As a special treat, we've got Calum Franklin (Holborn Dining Room) and Patrick Powell (Ex-Chiltern Firehouse) cooking alongside our very own Robin Gill. Tickets are still available if you email

The Dairy